Friday, June 24, 2011

wall project revealed

You may remember I mentioned on my last 7 Sachen that I was working on a secret craft project.  Well I'm ready to reveal it to you here and now.

First I must explain that I haven't put that much effort into decorating our apartment here in Frankfurt since we know we will only be living here for a little while longer.  But my dear friend suggested that no matter how temporary this place is, I should use still use this space to try creative things and make it the best it can be.  This made some sense to me, especially since I am studying interior design and this could give me some fun practice to turn a space I don't feel so emotionally attached to into something wonderful and special in it's own way.

My friend (whose eye I trust blindly) and I have many small projects planned for this space, which I promise to reveal more about soon enough, but for now, here is a peak into my first creative exercise for this space:

 So my dears...what do you think?

This is a corner of the wall above the TV.  It is very bland and bare, as are most of the walls in here.  I got the inspiration to do a little diy art project at one of my favourite blogs, IDA Interior Lifestyle.  What it is exactly are slices of toilet paper rolls I've been collecting, which I stapled together to create this curvy shape.  Then I hung it on the wall. 

I'm quite pleased with the outcome, although I keep adding slices to it here and there.  But it's almost perfect and I couldn't wait any longer to share.

Any fun diy home decor projects you'd like to share?

Happy weekend and see you soon,


  1. Hi Holly, wow, it's really creative! I love it!!! Xoxo


  2. Thanks ladies =) Slowly bu surely I will reveal more corners of my apartment so you can get the full idea ...

  3. Good morning Holly!

    it's been some time since I came over here and there's so much nice stuff to see! I love your wall deco project, well done girl!

    Iro, xo

  4. thanks will see it in real life sometime soon I'm sure =)