Monday, June 20, 2011

my handy man

I'm not very handy. Thank goodness Paul is - especially when he has his favourite power tool by his side - the Makita cordless screwdriver. He's done so many great things around here with it, especially when we first moved in.  Putting up shelves or assembling furniture has been a real cinch with this thing.  Today we received the replacement hinge piece for our broken garbage can. But get this. The old piece is bolted in place while the new piece comes with screws. So he had to drill out the bolts with sheer force and it worked.  This little power tool really is the best cordless screwdriver ever! Plus I find it quite cute and non-intimidating. I think next time we need to use the screwdriver I will insist to be the one to use it. I watched the whole process carefully this time in case I ever have to do something like this on my own. Gosh...I really shouldn't be writing about how useless I am, lol!

see you soon,



    Holly ,Thank God for Pauli,you better learn and it will be quite a Mommy xoxo

  2. So it arrived!...great & it's really fun trying out once typically men's 'll do great in that domain, too....i'm sure :)

  3. Yes, thank goodness for Paul. But with him and Iro as influences, I'm bound to pick up some skills ;)