Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Ripple Effect Tea Table - Design with a Meaning.

I like that a common piece of furniture has been designed to remind you that everything you do has consequences - all by setting down your tea cup!

" 'ripple effect tea table' is a graduation project for IM masters design academy eindhoven by korean industrial designer jeonghwa seo in partnership with hanna chung.
There is a belief by Asian people that small changes in an individual's life can have an impact and have a certain effect to the whole community, which in a psychological term is called a "ripple effect"." from 2Modern Design Talk - Modern Furniture & Design Blog

Friday, August 27, 2010

Street Tango With A Interesting Twist

Above are pictures of a very interesting street performance I saw the other day. A cute lady dancing tango on a bridge, in Kreuzberg, for money. My friend (a serious Tango dancer) and I walked up excitedly to check it out. As we approach, we notice something looks off about the man dancing with her. Turns out, it's because he was a human sized puppet! A puppet attached to her feet, toe to toe - his arm permanently wrapped behind her back. Amazing! We were captivated. I found it so creative and so charming. Here is a video:


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wondering if I can walk tomorrow ... ?

I started my day off with my usual Sunday morning yoga class. The teacher's goal today was to do everything slowly. Good, nice and slow on Sunday. Yeah right! Doing yoga in slow motion is harder than you think it would be! I was sweating my a#* off! Plus, we also worked on perfecting our "warrior" poses. For those of you who know a little yoga, you will know that these poses are killer for your legs. Anyways - I survived and felt really good about it.

When I got home, I suggested to Pauli that we check out Tegeler See since it was turning out to be a really nice sunny day. It's a big lake in a forest by the airport and it's supposed to have a nice big sandy beach. We checked how we could get there by bike. Google Maps told us that it would be a 15km ride there. Not so bad. So we go. On pretty much empty stomachs ... but surely there's a snack stand at the beach so no need to worry ... Well! Of course we got lost. We stopped to check my iPhone like a million times and we couldn't find this friggin' lake. It's a huge lake! What's up with that. Are we stupid or what?! We keep biking, back and forth sometimes, I almost crashed or fell off my bike like three times and got a nice blood blister on my thigh from pinching my skin in my bike. Don't ask. And for some reason my finger was bleeding. Disaster! Finally we come across a small beach on the lake. We decide to stop and take a rest. So we are sitting there thinking, "This can't be it!" I mean, it was nice and all but it was not what had been described to us. So we resort back to the iPhone and finally think we found the way. Tired, hungry, and with major tension in the air, we get back on our bikes. We get to the beach! Yes! Nice beach and not so many people. Perfect. We lock up our bikes and walk over to the snack stand. I ask if they have anything to eat. The guy tells me that they don't have anything and continues on a fast rant in German that I just don't understand. I call Pauli over. Turns out, the beach is actually closed (well not the actual beach but all the facilities on it) for an undetermined amount of time and he is not allowed to sell anything to eat! Some political thing... That explains the quiet beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We wanted to stay at the beach but we were so dizzy and cranky from low blood sugar and frustration from being lost and me almost dying that we decided to just go back towards home and stop somewhere on the way for a snack.

We finally got home and showered after a nice 40km (at least) bike ride! We plopped down on the bed and laughed like idiots about what a crap day that was! I'm not sure I'll be able to walk tomorrow.

On a nice note, here is a little video of the baby duck I saw at the small lake.