Saturday, June 25, 2011

moodboard fun

A while ago, a friend, who was moving into a new apartment, asked me to help her get inspired.  As you can imagine, I took to the task like a moth to a flame.  I do this kind of stuff for my school work all the time, but this time it was for a real person, so it was just that much more exciting.  She mainly needed help with the bedroom and open living/dining space.

Her wishes included:
- using green and purple
- creating a space that was relaxing (yoga studio feel) and comfortable but modern at the same time
- and keeping that feeling throughout the apartment
- nothing that involves too many alterations to the space because it's a rental and probably a temporary space.

Here's what I came up with in the end:

I had so much fun doing this.  I hope these will be useful tools for her to achieve the home she really desires.  I wish I was across the ocean, to do all her shopping!  

What do you think?  You like, you don't like ... feel free to share your thoughts.

see you soon,


  1. Ich finde Deine moodboards ganz wunderbar inspirierend! Das Bett ist hier dasselbe wie bei dem Ferienhaus, richtig?


    I think the are nice color for your place. Some of you, seems to be in it. Great job, Holly.

    Mommy xoxoxox

  3. @Needle Little Balance: danke schoen und du hast Recht uber das Bett - gutes Auge!

    @Mommy: thanks Ma ;)

  4. I really like the colour choices and I'm happy that my little project & 3 D moodboard put together in the veranda of Apart44 has inspired you! I kinda miss being there now that I see this...

    Fresh green always brings nice energy while at the same time calming down...I'd love to see pictures of the place !


  5. Yes Iro...i know I can always count on you for inspiration ;)