Tuesday, June 7, 2011

featured in the Montreal Gazette!

Danielle Murray did a special two part interview series for the Montreal Gazette about Montrealers who move away and set up their lives elsewhere. She featured six people and I was one of them, appearing in the second part of the series. I have cut out my portion of the article and posted it here to share with you all.

This is really special for me because I was featured in my home city's biggest newspaper. Thanks again to Danielle for this super opportunity. To see the full articles click here and here.

We conducted the interview in December via email. It was actually quite an interesting experience answering all these questions in writing. I mean, I have asked myself some of these questions before and have discussed some of the issues related to moving away with my friends and family. But writing them down allowed for a clearer picture of my thoughts and feelings. There they were staring back at me - my thoughts. I learned a lot about my journey so far by participating in this exercise. In my next post, I will share the full interview with you. Not everything could be included in this article because of word limit, but still the rest of it is quite interesting for me and maybe for you.

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