Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ruedesheim is a town right on the Rhein river, famous for its abundant wine making. I went there with my mom and Pauli's mom for a little exploration and wine drinking.  It's really a beautiful place. I can see why tourists like it so much. Lots of hotels, shops, restaurants and vineyards galore! The weather was great. We were there during the Tages des Federweissen festival. Federweisser, or Musto as we Italians know it, is basically slightly alcoholic grape juice, you know - just before it turns into wine. It's super sweet and super delicious and is only around at that time of the year.  We also took the gondola up over the vineyards.  It was really splendid.

'till next time,


  1. Love the pictures, especially the one of the rooftops.

    (I adore Montreal too, BTW. My favourite city in Canada so far).

  2. I remember studying the Rhein river and here I was with you Holly, in Ruedesheim sharing a moment of your new life. It is magical. Mommy, love you xoxo

  3. Very nice photos! I was there too few months ago and even documented my trip in a video. Perhaps you might be interested to view it to bring back some memories :)

  4. Hi Grace! Thank you SO much for sharing your wonderful video! Sure did bring back some nice memories :)