Monday, April 19, 2010

Berlin Notes

- The street trams at Alexanderplatz crawl along like big sleepy yellow caterpillars.

- People on the S Bahn eating sausages in buns or sandwiches made with grain garnished breads, oozing Remoulade and rustling their paper bags.

- City workers, construction workers, in blue. Everyday. Everywhere.

- The daily temptaion of Le Crobag at Friedrichstrasse. Delicately powdered Quarktaschen. Hot buttery Choco Croissants. Marzipan Croissants...

- Remains. Skeletons. Division. Destruction. Ugly. Beautiful. Birth. Different. Build. New. Open. Tradition.

- Church bells in Friedenau, at midday, midnight and all times in between.

- Ansteigen bitte! Zurueck bleiben bitte!

- Highly skilled cigarette spinners with spongy filter tips between their lips.

- My white Adidas with blue stripes against the cobblestone streets around Mexikoplatz.

- The small pink car parked on Buelowstrasse has been there for at least three years. I think it belongs to an old woman with short frizzy hair who loves the sound of her pet birds chirping. She wears pink lipstick to match her car. She probably also drinks a lot of tea with heaps of sugar in every cup. Her tea cups are also pink, but a light baby pink.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


You know, I haven't seen anyone use hand sanitizer here yet. I don't even see it in stores ... interesting ...


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Trees

I know Easter has passed, but I have to share these with you. They are some pictures I collected over the last couple of weeks of something so unfamiliar to me, but very prominent here. Easter egg trees. Like Christmas tress, but for Easter! Next year I'm making one for sure. Check it out:

Isn't that so cute? Happy belated Easter.