Monday, June 20, 2011

7 Sachen

7 things from my Sunday - as every week, inspired by Frau Liebe.

7 Sachen von meinem Sonntag - wie jede Woche, von Frau Liebe inspiriert.

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First, breakfast while checking emails and reading blogs.
Zuerst Fruestueck, waehrend ich Emails und Blogs lesen.

Working on a craft project.  No details, you will see it when it's done.
Ein Bastelnprojekt.  Keine Hinweise - ihr seht es wenn es fertig ist.

Midday snack at the Kelsterbach-er Street Fair.  Deer sausage, onion bread and a glass of Pinot Noir.
Mittagsessen beim Kelsterbacher Strassenfest.  Rehwurst, Zwiebelbrot und ein Glas Pinot Noir.

Paul's remote control plane flies around the apartment.
Pauls Fernbedientes Flugzeug fliegt in der Wohnung.

Time to practice German.  Reading a children's book.
Zeit um Deutsch zu ueben.  Ich lese ein Kinderbuch.

Preparing 'spaghetti aglio e olio' for dinner.  My Grandfather's best recipe.
Vorbereitung 'spaghetti aglio e olio' zum Abendessen.  Das beste Rezept meines Grossvaters.

Dishes are done.  Time for bed soon.
Geschirrspuelen ist fertig.  Bald ist es Zeit fuer Bett.

Happy week ahead,
Ich wunsche euch eine schoene Woche,



    From reading a kid's book ,having pinot noir and eating aglio e olio pasta shows me that you realy enjoy the diversity that life can offers you!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Holly,

    you are really making me hungry! from the breakfast, to the delicious looking snack at the street fair{waiting to find more about it when we meet}, to the spaghetti, all are makinf my stomach dance!

    As for reading children's books, I love to do it myself :) When you come over, I can share some of my favorite German ones with you.

    Finally, your project is raising my curiosity and I just adore that little plane! How cool to have it fly around your home! only missing Mr Black beauty, or else he btw shaved, yet? :)

    Hope you are spending a nice day, working on your fabulous project!

    Hugs, xoxo

  3. what a lovely day! couldn't ask for better!!

  4. @ Christi: Thanks for the comment. It was a pretty good day. Off to check out your blogs now! See you around I'm sure ;)

  5. @ Iro: Thanks for the comment =) and no Jack is not shaved yet. Monday the 27th at 4pm =) lol!