About Me

Once upon a time, when I moved far, far away from home, my blog was born. My blog is about me. It's about living in different cities, it's where I post about things that interest me, it contains my thoughts and experiences. It's mainly for the enjoyment of my family and friends but also for anyone else out there who might be interested. 


I moved to Berlin from Montreal at the end of summer 2009 for no other reason than Pauli (my bf then, jetzt mein Mann) and I wanted to. It seemed like a good time. I had just finished my BA in Psychology and Pauli was re-examining his study path. We lived in Berlin for a year (loved it!) and now we live just minutes away from Frankfurt Am Main. Pauli is studying to be a pilot, I am studying interior design and learning German of course. We have a cat, Jack, who is the sweetest.  We don't know where we will end up next, but I invite you to follow me along to find out.  We can be surprised together. 

I hope you enjoy your time on Holly's Blog.