Wednesday, June 8, 2011

about the color PINK

via COLORlover Hollyvhh
Today a reader made a comment on my Color and Mood post asking why I hadn't mentioned pink?  And I thought...good question!  I wrote about the 6 main colors of the spectrum (even though there are actually 7 - I didn't mention indigo) and about black and white and grey with regards to the general moods they can evoke when used in an interior space.  But pink is a special color and I think it deserves a little discussion.

Pink is a mixture of red and white but has a completely different effect on mood than either of those colors.  Typically, pink is associated with nurturing, youth, innocence, friendship, joy and femininity. When used in an interior, it can be very calming and comforting. When over done it can be aggravating or inappropriate, but this is true of any color.  Overall, it is a very positive color.  This is no wonder if you take into consideration some common references in our lives to the color pink.  Here are a few:

- when you say someone "is in the pink" it means they are in good condition or health.
- cherry blossoms are pink only in the spring, a season associated with renewal and life.
- 'rosy' cheeks are a sign of healthy enthusiasm.
- a sentimental or romance novel is called a "romanzo rosa" (pink novel) in Italian.

Can you think of any more?

I'm trying to think of any negative references to Pink, but it's quite difficult.  Oh here we go: when one recieves a "pink slip" it means their being let go, or fired.  Not such a good day. Although, it depends ... could be good for some  ;)

Again, can you think of any more?

That's all for today folks.
Wishing you all a 'rosy' day!


  1. about seeing the world through pink glasses when we are in love?

    ;) xo

  2. yes you're so right! Rose coloured lenses!
    Thank you Iro. Xx.

  3. Holly,
    I love your blog. I am a designer amongst many other things. I would love to stay in touch with you to share thoughts and ideas about design.
    Alison Gilbert