Monday, June 6, 2011

my guest post about color at the House of Fifty blog

Today, a blog post I wrote got published on the House of Fifty Blog! I'm so excited because I love the new House of Fifty E-zine and now with their even newer blog, we are sure to get more treats between issues.  House of Fifty is about encouraging inspired living and finding it in our everyday.  Whether your looking for inspiration about interiors, beauty, fashion, food or stories about inspiring people, you'll surely want to follow the blog and subscribe to the E-zine.  I'm certain there is so much goodness to come and I can't wait.  You understand then why I'm so proud to have had this opportunity.

The blog post I wrote for House of Fifty is titled 'Color!'.  I decided to write about color schemes for the home, inspired by summer.  I chose some of my favourite images depicting summer scenes and paired them up with images of an interior space that shared the same color scheme.  I then developed a color palette for each pair of images that would be inspiring and appropriate for use in an interior space.  Do check it out (here) and spend some time browsing the rest of the House of Fifty Blog and E-zine. You'll love them!

On that note, I would like to thank Janell Beals, founding editor of House of Fifty and also author of Isabella & Max Rooms (another great blog I urge you to visit), for giving me the opportunity to write about things I love and sharing them on her site.  It was such a great pleasure.

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