Sunday, November 28, 2010

insp-i-love weekly

This week we got our first snowfall, along with many other places around the globe that get snow it seems...

Here are some things I'm liking this week:

1. An artist creates little mice worlds. They are super sweet. Check them out on  MousesHouses.

2. Beaudoin is a french photographer who specializes in colour portraits.  I spent a lot of time on his website this week.

3.  After finding Beaudoin, it reminded me that I hadn't checked Helt Enkelt in a while.  I love this blog because Anna Malin, author of the blog and photographer,  is consistently putting up pictures I adore.  Cool colours usually dominate her photographs, yet I am always amazed at how warm they feel.

4.  I read an article about the drinking mechanism of cats.  I love cats, and this is yet another reason why cats are cooler than dogs: "Cat's Tongues Employ Tricky Physics" by Gisela Telis.

5. Finally, if you are feeling like a good read (in the blog world), do drop by these blogs: Bag Lady and Mr. London Street.  These bloggers are both from the UK and I like their writing styles.

What have you been liking this week?

Ciao ciao!


  1. Mommy was a KID-KODAK for a very long time. I know how much you LOVE to share these photos with friends and family. I remember having a feeling of explosion taking them and satisfaction showing them. GOOD JOB HOLLY. mommy,love u xoxoxox

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Holly your blog page is amazing, out of this world. I love the way you layout your your blog page, and the way you write it feels like i hear your voice, its so much you. Your Mom is right JWD. I see you and your Mom had a great time in Weisbaden, beautiful pictures, no wonder you are making it your home now. For a moment in one of your posting i thought that when you looked at the Milky Canadian Loft it was a sign that you were almost on your way back to Montreal, lol. There is a picture that you are sitting on the stone stairs of Heidenmauer, you can see a lot of history in there but not only see but i can feel the history just spinning around you, that it incredible i wish i was on those stairs. Holly in a place like that you will never stop eating knowledge and the great thing about it you will never gain a pound. Well your Mom knows i could go on for ever :) I wish you over and over a beautiful married life. Say hi to Pauli, you guys look lovely in your ultra modern outfit, ah so nice to be young and beautiful, cherish every moment you had, also enjoy the present moment and look forward to the future moments that will fill your life with strong bond that no one will be able to weaken. Tell Pauli that it was a pleasure to meet his Mom on Skype. Love you guys, Zio Pietro (P.S. I just know i forgot something :) lol )

  3. Hi Zio Pietro!! Thanks for the nice comments. I'm really glad you are reading my blog. Love you too xoxox