Monday, November 15, 2010

A Very Special Day

On November 1st, Pauli and I got married.

It was a perfect day.  We wore jeans and nice, black blazers.  We carried each others' rings in our pockets until the moment came to exchange them. The very gentle and soft spoken, Frau Franz performed the ceremony.  Good, jolly Ralf was the translator.  Only our mothers attended and also served as our witnesses.  It was all smiles during this 20 minute ceremony, maybe some moist eyes but no tears were shed. 

For us, being married means we have chosen to become a family.  We wish to continue with all our plans and dreams as an official team; husband & wife.  Nothing changes, we should continue treating each other as we have been, because so far ... it's working.  Really, I've felt married to Pauli for a long time, but now November 1st became the day of our official union. 



  1. I like the "official team" expression ,it sounds so much like a strong union. BE-DO-HAVE,LOVE. mommy xoxo

  2. I know I have already said it, but Congratulations again- your post /story brought tears to my eyes!...jeans! is the way to go..( for me it would have been Lululemons!)
    wishing you a lifetime of happiness.