Monday, December 6, 2010

insp-i-love weekly

Hi guys!

Unfortunately, I haven't been all that inspired this week.  I'm kind of blah these days.  Yet, there are still a few things that I'd like to share.

1.  First, I can't help but think about Christmas recently.  Every store vitrine is screaming Christmas, the roofs are all still wearing a thin layer of white and the town Christmas lights are twinkling brightly every evening.  Almost every blog I read has a post about the holidays.  I found this great picture on Vosges Paris of an alternative Christmas tree.  It's especially great for someone like me, who's not all that into special-occasion decorating (at least not as of yet; who knows what the future holds, eh?).  If my walls were any other colour than white, I would definitely try this alternative Christmas tree idea.

2.  Now this article is interesting! Read it.  Would you take an age reversing drug?  I know we've all dreamed about it, wished for it ... but it seems it could really make an appearance sooner than we think, and suddenly I feel scared a bit - mixed with curiosity and excitement.  I look forward to more of their research.

3. And finally a fun little read about "Eat Pray Love" - even though I haven't even seen it, heehee.

How was your week?

I'm looking forward to a better one.

Xx. Holly

ps. here's another picture of a bicycle I took in Berlin in November. Some of you might not know this yet, but I just  love taking photos of bicycles.  I even love the word, especially in French: bicyclette.  I feel something special for bicycles.  In my heart, bikes are alive ... or something weird like that.  They belong to someone and that person depends on it.  And the bikes, they just sit there waiting patiently, loyally for their human friend to return.  Sometimes they can wait for days.  Sadly, some are abandoned or sometimes they get kidnapped.  Anyways ... here's the picture - don't think you've seen it yet.


  1. i love love love the alternative christmas tree!!!

  2. I agree Krystal, that would be perfect, quick to install, ah i wish i was young and also use alternative Christmas tree but people would think i'm crazy, i know you guys would think that, lol.
    You know what, now i know why i always stair at bicycles because i do the same, i always wonder if the rider and the bicycle have the same personality, or i always wonder if it will ever be stolen and so many other weird thoghts.
    That blog was perfect because now i know i'm not alone to think that way, thank you:)
    Continue your good blog they interesting and funny at the same time.
    Zio Peter

  3. Ummm... first of all, you're like 2 weeks behind on your inspirations. Second... I'M POSTING!!!!! Don't even ask me how tho... it's just working. XO

  4. Coco: I know...I'm so behind on my blog reading and so uninspired lately. I hope the phase passes soon. I think it's probably related to my mood these past weeks, I've been a little overwhelmed. But it's so nice to know that someone cares =) Thanks Xx.