Saturday, November 20, 2010

insp-i-love weekly

Ok.  I'm finally doing this.  5 things I found this week that inspired me or that I loved and that I wish to share:

2. Remember why Autumn is awesome by clicking here.  Sometimes we forget about the wonderful joys of Autumn as we watch the mercury in the thermostat drop.  Soon Autumn will be just a memory.

3. Maybe some of you don't know this, but I'm a bit obsessed with all things French.  I follow a couple of blogs that satisfy my French cravings.  Look at this blog post by Paris Through My Lens. The photo is amazing, I just want to jump through my screen and knock on that door.

4.  I love Dexter.  Great show.  Great set.  Check out this post found at about the Dexter set design.

5. Jack.  My cat.  My pride and joy.  He makes me happy everyday.  Today we woke up to one of his nasty, juicy hairballs right outside our bedroom door.  And even still, he can't lose my deep affection, no matter what he does.  Here he is observing me at my computer, probably thinking, "stupid human, always at her computer when instead she could be doing the greatest thing of all ... napping."  Love him.

'till next week's insp-i-love,

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  1. The blue door and the white bycicle is my favorite. Go,open and ride. Love mommy xoxo