Tuesday, November 16, 2010

featuring: a Canadian loft

I browse through about a hundred design blog posts per day.  It is part of my education as a future interior designer.  I buy the occasional magazine ... but I find blogs and websites and online magazines are the way to go nowadays.

Today, on Design Milk, I came across a super sick loft, and guess what? It's in Canada!  My home country.  I'm so proud to show you guys.  Most of the time when I tag featured living spaces as "sick apartment/home", they are usually from somewhere like Sweden, Amsterdam, Sydney, Singapore, Brazil, California or Japan.  But not today!  Today we've got some serious eye candy from Vancouver, Canada.

It used to be an after-hours party loft!  Now the Crosstown Loft by Campos Leckie Studio is an amazing two-story residential loft.  

I want to live here.


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  1. It seems that you are passionate about the shapes and space. Is it possible? mommy xoxo