Thursday, April 28, 2011

today's packing challenge

I get a bit stressed before a long trip.  Especially about the packing part.  With this trip in particular, it will be crucial to carry everything on because I have three transfers to make.  I want to avoid missing flights due to luggage re-check and I don't want to wait for my luggage upon arrival because all I'll want to do is run out to see my sister.  The catch is that I am packing for a three week vacation.  Idecided to do a packing trial run today.  So here was my challenge:

What you see there does not include my computer, cameras, associated wires and jewelry. 

The result:

...and yes, I can easily close the suitcase without busting any zippers.

I think the only reason this was possible is because I'll be staying with my sister so I didn't have to bring any excessive toiletries, like hair products, curling iron, shower gel, etc.  Otherwise, one tub of moisturizer and I would have had to check my luggage (no big liquids allowed).  Also, my mom is an expert packer so I learned a few tricks from her.  The most important being rolling clothing istead of folding.

So there you have it.  I'm leaving Monday, my packing trial was a success and now I can rest a bit easier.

Any packing tips you'd like to share?



  1. hmmm... is that black thing on the suitcase the purse you made me a year ago?!?!

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  3. Holly amazing,
    I almost felt that I was packing with you. I am happy to see that you were actually listening and wathching me while you were growing.
    LOve you so much, it hurt my heart,xoxo