Thursday, April 28, 2011

on colourfully growing old

Every one is afraid of growing old.  I've noticed recently that I have a serious patch of grey hair making an appearance, right at the front.  Like if I were to let it grow out it would turn into a sort of skunk like streak.  My first instinct is 'I don't care.  I like it.  That's who I am.  I hope it does grow big and thick.  That will make me unique.'  But then I get this other feeling, 'Not even thirty, and significant grey hairs already.  I should dye it.  I should pull some of them out.  Why would I want to appear older than I am?'  I struggle with this mini battle everyday when I comb my hair.  But I think I've decided to embrace it and accept it.  I really don't want to have to dye my hair.  Women already have so many things to do as part of their getting ready and care routine. The thought of adding another thing to the primping process just exhausts me.  I am so jealous of my husband who gets up, showers, gets dressed and voila.  Ready for the day (looking real good might I add).

Today I found this website called Advanced Style.  I would like to share a few videos with you.  They are appropriate to the topic of getting old, accepting oneself, expressing oneself and using color to grow happiness.  I urge you to visit Advanced Style if you like these for more wonderful videos.

I love colour.  It is one of my favourite things.  I feel really connected to it somehow.  This is why I was always drawn to painting and why lately I feel the need to give a rebirth to that hobby.  For me, it's not about painting realistically - I'm not talented at drawing.  But I love to paint because I love putting colours together. I makes something inside of me move.  For me, everything is related back to or can be described by a colour.  Sounds, smells and even movement.  I remember when I was really into jazz ballet; I could think about a choreography or a movement and think, 'be red', 'be blue', 'be yellow', 'be black'.  Those were my driving factors to expressing the movement properly.
My clothes are not excessively colourful and usually I like to be neutral as a base and layering color on top.  That way, the colours really stand out.  And I've been learning to appreciate neutral colours more and more.  A colour doesn't have to be bold and bright to be beautiful.

So I hope you appreciated these videos as much as I did today.  They have encouraged me to be confident about myself, about aging and to take my trusty colour companion along for the ride.  When I am nintey I hope to be daring enough to wear eyelashes like Ilona Royce Smithkin.  I also look forward to pimping out my walker, if I ever need one, with tassels and colours and bells maybe.  But until then, I will enjoy my youth, grey hairs and all.

Here is my colour palette for the day.  Not like I'll be matching my clothes to it, but maybe more like my mood.  How would you describe it?  I'll share my thoughts about it if you do =)



  1. Hello sweetie :)

    On a first place, I'm really happy that you are becoming friends with these {incredibly few!} grey hair of yours. Your hair colour, structure and all is naturally beautiful and it would be a shame to change it.

    About you being jealous of your husband I so understand you! I'm equally jealous of my companion! sigh...

    And last but not least, about your colour pallete today, I'd split it in two parts:

    ~ the middle & left, which evokes feelings of warmth, acceptance and earthed joy
    ~ the middle & right, which shows an increased need for something to be expressed {as you mentioned you wish to retake painting: wonderful, do so!}. I also sesne a little conflict though, so typical during periods of change.

    O.k...enough with colour psychology for today!

    Have a fun & lovely day

  2. Hello beautiful lady,

    Thank you for sharing these videos, they made me feel confident, self loving, and playful all at the same time:)))

    AS for your colours, describing from left to right, I would say...mellow/calm, even at little somber - moving into a flirty more energized you!!!
    lots of love

  3. Thanks for your comments =)

    I'm glad you liked the videos as much as I did.

    As for my colour palette, you seem to have a better intuition than I thought. There is some kind of progression to it; calm to energized like Age mentioned, or quiet towards expression, like Iro says. I had a pretty productive day yesterday, a day with good progression from a slow relaxed morning to an intense midday and a content evening. These colors make me feel a well balanced, but constantly moving consciousness.

  4. Hi Holly. I used to love to go shopping with my mother. It was like playing hide-and-seek. She used to take off all the time and I had to search for her. It was never a problem because she knew that with her beautiful curly grey hair, I would spot her from a mile away.

    These colours are telling me that you are dreaming positively - all the colours that are in between the earth and the sky.

    Go for it Holly.

    Love Mommy.xoxoxoxo