Sunday, May 1, 2011

this tree... something truly majestic

I was in Bad Homburg for Easter at a lovely brunch hosted by my friend C.  After our feast we took a walk in the Schloss Park.  When I encountered this tree, it simply took my breath away.  Click.  One shot.  No editing.  Here it is.

What I saw, is exactly captured in this picture.  Exactly.  The sun was shining through it in a perfect way, giving birth to all these intense, energizing yet zen-like green shades.  True, majestic beauty in my eyes, that I want to share with you. 

Happy Sunday.



  1. Holly,
    For sure that the color of your eyes, that is for sure the same green, was for sure looking for a match and for sure, it was there right in front of you, to capture your attention for sure.
    It is for sure that you take amazing pictures.
    LOve you ,mommy xoxoxoxox

  2. I think that after your mummy's comment I cannot say much ;)...but stil, I also want to point yout that you have managed to capture all the magic and beauty you saw and are talking about!

    Wonderful! Happy holidays and photographing there were you are!

    Hugs & kisses
    moi :)

  3. I love the comments above. It sure is a beautiful picture. You have a very good eye for photography. Like you said, this photo has a zen feeling to it, I love it!!!


    Rocio R.

  4. Thanks Mommy, Iro and Rocio!!