Monday, April 11, 2011

A trip to Berlin and some other stuff...

First of all...  


I've been so busy these days.  Thursday, we got back from a visit to Berlin.  Pauli had some random days off from school so we took the opportunity to make a little trip.  It was lovely.  I miss the city so much, but still it was nice to come home to our little apartment.  Below are a few pics from our time there.

I now officially have till the end of April to finish my last three assignments of my interior design diploma.  I feel a lot of pressure but I am determined to finish them so that I can visit my sister in May with a clear conscience.  I will probably not be leaving my apartment much till then.  When I get back I have three months to do my final project and then I'm done!

I am really looking forward to visiting my sister.  She lives in the Cayman Islands (lucky duck!) and I can't wait to see what her life there is like.  It will be my first visit since she moved there and I am excited about the sun, the heat and the ocean but most of all spending time with her.  I can't wait!  But before I go, I have to buy a bunch of Cayman appropriate clothing (I have nothing suitable for this type of weather).

Besides that, a new friend (which I will post about separately) has inspired me to put some effort into my apartment.  I have been unwilling and uninspired to do so since this apartment is temporary (we will be leaving it in about a year or so).  But my friend made some good arguments for putting some effort (and a small amount of money) into it.  First of all, it would be good practice for me to learn how to design on a (non existant) budget.  Second, I could treat it as my first project - so really nothing can be lost from this, only experience and practice can be gained.  She is right.  So stay tuned for some before and after pics as the project progresses.

So, what's new on your end?

Here are those pics from my Berlin trip, as promised above:

See you later this week,



  1. Holly
    With the tree blossoming in the backround,it is a very pretty picture. Spring is finaly there!
    Love mommy xoxoxo

  2. Holly, the photo of you is absolutely gorgeous! You should get it framed and send it to one of those "modern trendy living" magazines...:-)
    I miss Berlin....and most of all I miss you!!! xoxo

  3. I love those photographs of Berlin. Did you take them? They are so edgy and trendy. I didn't know you were so talented with a camera. I need a lil' edge to my cupcake pics!

    Good luck with your assignments. I know it's kein spaß to have a lot of pressure on your shoulders but I know that it will feel so amazing when it's all over and done with.

    Looking forward to some before and after pics of your Wohnung!

  4. Mommy is right Holly besides the fact that the trees are blossoming those flowers make you radiant.....
    and I do like to read you, thanks !!!!
    Love you tante Jo-anne
    x0x0x0 ;):) <3<3

  5. Thanks ladies =)

    @ Das Cupcake: I am new to and playing around with my pics at It's pretty fun, you can make collages and add cool filters. You should check it out...

    Thanks for the comments xoxo

  6. Good morning once more dear :)

    You really look stunning before the pink blossoms!
    Your pictures from Berlin as so nice as well and love how you played around with them!

    ...I'm glad you are encouraged to also start playing around with your - more lovely than you actually think ;) - current place.

    C u soon...
    around noon...