Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweet Kid's Shop in Berlin

On my recent visit to Berlin, I met with my friend C, who owns the cutest kid's shop in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, called Malinka.  I love being in her shop - it makes me want to have a shop of my own.  It's such a delightful, cozy place.  She sells the most adorable things - clothing, toys, books, lamps, acessories... Some new, some second hand and some hand made by C herself and her mom.  This place, the concept, the items and the owner just warm my heart.  I decided to snap a few pics and share them with you.

If you're in Berlin, stop by Malinka and check it out.  Even if you don't have kids, the place is great for gift ideas for those you know that do, or simply for the small child inside of you (hey that rhymed, lol!).

Dieffenbachstr. 30
10967 Berlin



  1. We never know,one day I will be shopping there!!!!
    Love you Holly !!!! nommy xoxoxoxx

  2. We never know, one day I will be shoping at Malinka!!!!!!! Love you Holly!!!!!! mommy xoxox

  3. Wow, it really IS the CUTEST kid shop. Love the colours and the cute bunny poster.