Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweet Treats

Looks yummy right?  My friend E is a cupcake master and generally a baking enthusiast.  She remembered that I had once told her how I missed pecan pie since being in Germany.  And voila - pecan bars.  They were so amazingly delicious, these guys almost didn't make it to the photo shoot.

Visit Das Cupcake to learn more about E.  If you're in the neighbourhood, be sure to place an order for some of those beautiful and delicious cupcakes you see there.  She is truly talented and passionate and that is clearly reflected in her work.  I mean, it's basically art that tastes really, really good!



  1. Here I am opening your blog Holly and did not have breakfast yet. Very painful,I would love to have one of those pecan bars but.....Well I will have instead my toast,a banana and some nuts.
    Enjoy them all!!!

  2. Hello to Holly and her mum!
    They look absolutely delicious! Lucky girl to have received them and what beautiful pictures you managed to make before disappearing them ;)