Friday, March 4, 2011

back to normal.

My husband Pauli is back from training in Florida and is sleeping on the couch.  My cat Jack is also curled up and sleeping on his blanket.  We're all back together under the same roof.  {insert sign of relief here}.

I really can't believe we spent three months apart.  I can't believe how easily Pauli slipped back into my life as if no time had passed.  I was ready for an adjustment period, but no need I guess.  It reminds me of the first time we moved in together in Montreal.  Everyone said it would take some getting used to.  Again, no time needed.  It happened seamlessly and we were surprised about it.  We were again equally surprised at the normalcy that followed our hectic move to Germany.  Moving in together, moving to different country, spending extended periods of time apart - these are true tests to any relationship.  So far they have left us unaffected.  Actually, I shouldn't say that ... in a sense it all helped to solidify our bond. 

I'm happy that my partner is back, he is here again to cook with me and keep me company when I brush my teeth before bed.  Everything is back to normal.


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  1. When it is simple with your partener is because you are on the right track. Life will bring you on a lot of other chalenges,so keep it always simple. love u xoxoxxo