Monday, February 28, 2011

insp-i-love weekly

Bonjour mes amis,

I am so excited that my husband is coming back this week!  He's been training in Florida for three months.  It has been quite uncomfortable here without him - not horrible, but not great and I managed.  I have been looking forward to this coming week, everyday, for three months.  Needless to say, I've been growing more and more distracted as the day of his arrival approaches.  I even forgot about a dentist appointment I made on Friday.  Instead of being at the dentist at 10am, I was obliviously lounging around my apartment, drinking coffee and reading blogs.  Ooops.  I only realized that I'd forgotten all about it last night just as I was about to drift off to sleep.

Anyways, here are some discoveries I made this week that I'd like to share.  Not as many as usual, but I promise they are so unique and worth it.  Keeping in theme, it seems, with photography this week, here they are:

1.  A photography blog, called From Me To You.  I urge you to check it out, especially if you love photography and/or fashion. She does this amazing thing where parts of her pictures move!  I have no idea how this is done, but it's so magical!  For some examples, look here, and here.  You will love it.

2.  Another interesting photographer: Eszter Burghardt.  "Edible Vistas is a series of photographs by Eszter Burghardt in which beautiful landscapes are created out of food and shot with a macro lens. Some of them are made of milk and cake." - Jamie in Art via Design Milk.

Ich wünsche euch allen eine schöne Woche voraus.



  1. that is such a great photo of you & Paulie!!!!

  2. I love the Eszter Burghardt photography... I really like her wool series... very cool.

  3. They are amusing photo. I love the one of the lady not moving her hand but the champagne is acting up in her glass.I enjoyed looking at them talking to me silentely. Mommy xoxoxox