Saturday, March 26, 2011

illustrators and art prints

I have a lot of plans.  I want to experiment with a lot of things.  Usually they are creative artsy things.  Lately, I want to improve my sewing and knitting and make some nice clothing for myself.  I also want to start painting again but with acrylics (instead of oils as I have done before).  I would also love to learn to play piano.  And lately I think about maybe one day writing a children's book.  These illustrators and print artists I've come across recently are probably responsible for encouraging that idea.  I love their work and find them inspiring and would like to share that pleasure with you.  Imagine how great my "book" would be if one of these lades did the illustrations?  Oh man, there are just too many things happening in that imagination of mine.

Rocio Rincon is a chica latina who loves to create fashion illustrations.  

      via Kris Atomic
Kristina is a freelance illustrator who lives by the sea and a fan of cats, tea, naps, sequins and many other lovely things.

via Parada Creation Etsy Shop.  

Susanna Parada is a print artist who is inspired by photos, quotes, songa, nature and patterns.

Nice, no?



  1. For sure,they are so many beautiful things,in poeple'imaginations. Why not sharing what we have in our own imagination.J'ai toujours pense que l'imagination est le fetus de la creation.
    Love mommy xoxoxox

  2. Hi Holly, thank you so much for the mention, I truly appreciate it.

    I too love all things artsy, and I hope you'll find inspiration to do many creative things. :)

    Thanks again, you have made my blogging day!

  3. I'm deeply in love with Kris's ilustration, but all of them are marvelous!!!!!:):):)

  4. @ Lafle: Thanks for the comment. I know they are so great, right? On my way to check out your blog now ;)