Wednesday, February 9, 2011

insp-i-love weekly

Oh geez, guys.  I'm late on this post.  I've had a busy week or so.  I started a new intensive German class and it's taking all of my energy.  Plus trying to get my own school work done and all other daily chores and activities.

Well what matters is that I'm here now and ready to share!

via The Office Stylist
1. I've never seen a coat like this on a cat before. I find it so beautiful and unique, don't you?

via Dino Sanchez
2. Last week I suddenly realized I had a pain in my right hand.  It felt like a bruise on the fleshy part of my thumb.  I couldn't remember hitting my hand anywhere.  I thought about it all evening.  Shortly before bed, as I decided to give my German homework one last attempt, I picked up my pencil to write and I discovered where the pain had come from.  It was from using a pencil!  Since I started my German course I've been handwriting in class, which I realize is not an activity I really do anymore for extended periods of time; I type.  I couldn't believe it.  Then I saw these pencils by Dino Sanchez and thought them totally appropriate. 

via Freshome
3. This apartment in Sweden makes me feel good.  See more of it at Freshome.

photo credit: Fernado Guerra
4. This is a nursing home in Alcácer do Sal, Portugal, by Portuguese studio Aires Mateus Arquitectos.  I think it would be a nice place to retire, all modern and fresh.  Deezen featured it and that's how I found it.  I think the interior design will need to come alive a bit and the landscaping could be more interesting.  But otherwise very different, very cool.

via sub-studio design blog
5. I just don't like watches.  I never wear them.  But maybe if I could get a watch like this, I would!  They are a collaboration between ToyWatch and Missioni.  Limited edition.

Anything you'd like to share this week?


  1. My cat is just like that but she's grey not brown. She's a bengal... cross bred with a leopard. Very cool cats.

    I LOVE those watches... I too would wear one of those... but the price tag is $455.. boohoo cuz they're so cool.

  2. I would like to share:I think that pencils are elegant. They always gone a be around. Anyways until I live. Mommy xoxo

  3. By the way Holly ,I love to look at the new photo that you put on your blog. I miss your smile, now i see it all the time.Love mommy xoxox