Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday... xoxo

Hello! Today is Sunday. I used to not care so much for Sundays. Often times it used to mean I had to work at the restaurant or finish assignments before Monday. I always got this sense that Sundays were the end of the week and I had to rush to get everything done before Monday comes or else things start piling up. Since being in Berlin, I have a different feeling about Sundays. Maybe it's because everything here is closed on Sundays except for coffee shops and restaurants. Maybe it's because I don't work on weekends anymore. Maybe a bit of both. But now I feel like Sunday is actually more of like a Non-day. I feel like it's a magical day where time stands still, a day that doesn't count. I suddenly feel so un-obliged to get anything done. Sundays have become a day where I lounge around my apartment and go out for coffee and read design blogs. Nothing else really makes the to do list for this special day. The weirdest part of all this is that I don't seem to care about not getting anything accomplished on a Sunday. That's the weirdest part.

So Pauli and I went to the Flohmarkt (fleamarket in German) at Mauer Park today. Interesting stuff. Lots of vendors, lots of junk, but surely some treasures are awaiting my discovery. I did find a fabric vendor selling his fabric for super cheap so I'll definitely be back there for some of that goodness. But today was not an ideal day for the Flohmarkt. The weather was warm, which is excellent, but consequently the market was infested by big slushy puddles, really restricting the walking space between stands and making it feel uncomfortably crowded and resulting in some soak-ers. Next time, once all the snow is gone, I'll go early and that should be more pleasant.

Then Pauli and I went to check out Barcomi's. A cafe/bakery/deli started up by an American who moved to Berlin. We heard a rumor she had real American cheesecake, pecan pie and muffins! All of which are really hard to come by in Berlin. So we went to investigate. It was awesome. We loved it. The location was really sweet, in a romantic courtyard off of Sophienstrasse. The atmoshere and decor inside was very welcoming and pleasant and BUSY! We each had a latte macchiatto, Pauli had a bagel with cream cheese and we shared a piece of exquisite carrot cake with the most amazing icing EVER!! We will definitely be going back.

How was your Sunday?


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  1. i am so happy so see that u and pauli are "taking the time to leave in the moment" mommy xoxoxo