Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inspired by... Cardboard Furniture!

Yes, that's right. Those pieces are made of real cardboard and nothing else. Not only do they look cool, they are functional, they work! You can actually use them. You can sit on them, put things on them... Today I am totally inspired by this idea of making furniture out of cardboard. Check these out:

I mean, as long as the cardboard being used is actually used and being recycled, then I'm totally into this. I want one of these things! You?

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  1. hi holly, well if it is ecolo. ,i am for it also, but i would suggest this concept to people that are going to move often, for a long term staying at one place ,i can say that after a while there is some cachet missing, like i said people move a lot from one place to an other, it is a very compact idea. mommy