Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cafe Sundays

Pauli and I have decided to designate Sundays to sitting around cafes. So far we've been to two around the neighbourhood and would definitely go back to both. Last Sunday we went biking around and found a cute one called Cafe Vienna. They serve coffee and tea and other warm drinks and ice cream! Only ice cream. All kinds of combinations, sizes and types. You can be reserved and get one scoop topped with chocolate or strawberry sauce or you could go all out and get one of their very intricate looking sundaes. We passed on the ice cream that day but we will be going back.

Today we went to Cafe LuLu. We each had a latte machiatto and a cinnamon roll and walnut chocolate brownie to share. Excellent and delicious! They also have a full menu offering soups, sandwiches, salads, Asian tapas and wine and beer.

I love sitting in cafes =)

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