Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Hobby

Beginning a new chapter of your life in another country, I think, is a good opportunity to reflect on the things you like, the things you want and how those affect the person you are. So, I decided I wanted a hobby. I've never really had a hobby that I completely committed to. I think hobbies are important. It's something you do for fun, for yourself. I wanted a challenging and useful hobby, one that would encourage creativity and discipline. I picked sewing. My mother can sew and used to make her own clothes when she was a young lady. My grandmother was also an excellent seamstress and I often think about how she sat at her machine and worked. She made us little dresses, hats and house slippers. I recently found out that she also used to crochet bikinis and sold them to a store down the street from her home. Too cute. So because of some sentimentality and the fact that sewing is useful, creative and requires discipline, I decided to learn how to sew. Pauli's mom had an old portable sewing machine she was willing to lend me. I Googled "learn to sew", bought some fabric and materials and there you go. I've started sewing and finished my first project today - a pillow case! I think it's pretty good and I've discovered that I like to sew and envision this as my future hobby. Cool.

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