Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello from Grand Cayman

Woah.  So it's been a while since my last post.  I arrived in Grand Cayman on May 2nd and was joyfully reunited with my sister, who I haven't seen since last June.  This is my first time visiting her here since she relocated.  It's amazing.  Like a dream.  I can't believe she lives here.
My dad came to join us for a week and it was really nice to be spending time together.  I have been lounging around a lot.  Enjoying the beach, the ocean and the sun.  Yesterday I took a Caymanian bus home from shopping.  A little van that fits 8 people, stops on the side of the road, picks you up as long as you flag them down and drops you off wherever you want. There's no bus schedule but it seems they run frequently enough throughout the day.  Totally island style.
 So far, I swam with stingrays, did an island drive, of which the east end, blow holes, lover's wall, shoe tree and Cayman castle were great highlights.  We bought fresh fruit from a vendor on the side of the road and ate some coconut milk popsicles.  We've dined at some exquisite restaurants and I can't stop ordering ceviche wherever I go.  Basically, I'm loving life right now. 
Only down side is that I've had to visit the dentist.  I got a sudden tooth ache.  Turns out some of my recent fillings I got done are too close to the nerves and are causing me pain.  So I had to get a procedure done on one of the teeth.  Now I'm on antibiotics and painkillers for the rest of my trip.  Pretty crappy, but it could be worse I guess.  So lets not dwell on that.  Despite the pain, this is how I'm feeling right now:

I will try to post some more, but I am quite enjoying my lazy days, so it's quite possible I'll only be back here once I return home on the 24th.

If I don't see you till then, I wish you all happy days filled with love.



  1. I'm deeply amazed :D
    I can't believe places like that really are!! (sorry about my language mistakes;D)
    Your pictures are marvellous!!!!!!:):)

  2. Holly,

    these photos are did you get them to look like they're old like from the 70's??? They remind me of photos my parents used to show me from when they met in retro dude! Love it. xoxo

  3. Thanks Anna =) This website called You upload your pics and then you can do all kinds of cool things with them. This is one of their filters I applied to the pics.

  4. Holly I love every picture!
    Especially the last one cause it so full of wonderful fresh energy! Sorry about the tooth adventure, hope it all works fine well quite soon.

    P.S: love this black piece of beauty on you ;)
    Take care sweetie! xoxoxo

  5. Holly I am a bit late, but here now. It is always so interesting to read your posts.I love them all, but this one is warming up my heart at this moment.I am so happy of what I see on theses pictures.
    Love it!!!!!!!!! Love you both, my daugters.