Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art House by DeForest Architects: potentially my dream home...

... and  I say potentially because there are a number of things I would change.  I would definitely brighten up the kitchen somehow ... too much dark furniture.  Needs more white and more shiny stainless steel.  Maybe just making the whole kitchen island white with some trims of dark wood would do it.  Also, this is a three story house, narrow and tall. This is not what I imagine of my dream home.  Two floors max with wide open spaces.  I would also like the top floor to overlook the ground floor. And the stone tile floor. Hmm.  Would love to replace all the stone features (floor and columns) with a raw finished concrete floor instead, maybe grey or white. And that chandelier above the dining table totally freaks me out.  I would opt for some nice Tom Dixon pendants instead.  Ok, so what DO I like about this house? Lol!!

Well, the stairs I am absolutely in love with (even though spiral staircases are my absolute fave).  I love the bathroom with all that wood and the square tub.  I love the sliding doors in the bathroom and kitchen too.  I love the front door, the tall ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, the emphasis on art, creative ways of displaying art and photographs (did you see in the hallway?), the minimalism.  I love the unrefined, exposed wooden ceiling beams, the open kitchen, the stools at the bar.  I am just really digging the style.  Modern, minimal, on the masculine side, some rustic features, some industrial features, neutral color scheme. Just love the vibe in here.  I want that!

I guess, I'll have to be in touch DeForest Architects one day   =)

Thank you to Flodeau for posting this amazing house today.

Have a great day,


  1. Holly, for sure you will have a beautifull house one day with the interior design at your taste, because it is a passion!!!!!!!!!!

    MARIA, mommy xoxoxoxox

  2. Holly,

    I especially like the one photo with the cat in it! hehehe Otherwise it is a beautiful home - warm yet very modern. I can totally see you and Pauli living in it.

  3. FYI....the chandelier creeps me out too...it looks like it landed on earth from somewhere far away. LOL I took a look at the photos in greater detail and I love the old pots and pans...they remind me of the pots and pans our parents used....you're right - excellent contrast with the modern flair. Holly, when and if I ever know where I will settle down, you must be my interior designer! :-)