Saturday, July 9, 2011

restaurant review - Frankfurt | L'Apostrophe

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my friends at L'Apostrophe, a very charming restaurant in Frankfurt Nord-End.

I'd never been there before and as I was strolling up Rotlintstrasse I couldn't resist taking pictures of the lovely residential neighbourhood.  Suddenly, I stumbled upon a really nice table set up on the street.  I took some pictures of the tables...

...I turned to face the front door to see what restaurant it was, and you can imagine my delight that the hanging sign said L'Apostrophe!

The ambiance was really nice - a bit of a French bistro vibe going on. The interior decor was really inviting and stylish.  We sat outside though because the weather was so nice. 

The menu showcased a a well rounded selection with a Mediterranean themed cuisine.  They also had a separate menu of "Chef Suggestions" with specialty items which are not on the regular menu.  Love those.  I had the eggs with homemade green sauce ... hmmm, I think this sounds better in German: Eier auf huasgemachter Gruener Sosse.  Green sauce is a specialty of Frankfurt.  In all the time I lived in Berlin, I never had any because I never even heard of it.  But in Frankfurt it's everywhere and I'm pretty smitten with it.  It's a lightly creamy sauce made of precisely seven specific green herbs - so fresh and tasty.  You can eat it with anything practically (eggs, bread, meat...probably great with fish too).  I like to try the Gruener Sosse everywhere I go.  L'Apostrohes was delicious!

The food was amazing.  Everyone loved their plates; boiled veal filets called "Tafelspitz" on a dijon mustard sauce garnished with a small salad bouquet, artichoke filled ravioli in a tomato-sage butter and my 4/2 eggs on homemade Frankfurt "Green Sauce" served with potatoes parisienne. Desserts included an apricot/passion fruit mousse with a kumquat compote and naturally, chocolate soufflees.  Everything was ordered off the Chef's Suggestions, except for the soufflees, which are a regular at L'Apostrophe. 

The service was friendly and attentive.  The price was moderate, not too expensive, not too cheap.  I gladly paid my bill.

Holly's overall rating for L'Apostrophe:

If you are in the area, you should most definitely stop by.

Have you been to any good resaurants this week?  Would you like to share a link to your favourite one?

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  1. Love the environment, especially the outdoor setting {your first picture is just so awesome!} and the nice neighbourhood ~ would love to visit it once :)

    Thank's for sharing Holy!
    Have a moslty delightful weekend ahead, much as it begun last night.


    P.S: I detect a smart use of white, Ikea plastic frames on the tables...right?



    What an appropriate name for a restaurant!
    I just imagine wanting myself tripping over that ( , ) and fall in love.

    YES AWESOME !!!!!!!!

    Love mommyxoxoxoxo

  3. Thanks Iro - when we go back you will have to come too.

    Good eye with those plastic frames - they said "reserviert" in them for booked tables.

    Happy weekend to you too Xx.

  4. Wow, lovely and very stylish :)

    When you'll ever be in Cracow you must visit Cafe Szafe! This is a climatic, colorfull and "modernist" cafeteria, when you can sit in real... wardrobe! ("szafa" = "wardrobe"). It is deliciously fantastic:D

  5. @ Lafle: Cool cafe! I looked it up on the internet and it looks like a place I would definitely enjoy - the interior is so fun and eclectic. It seems they are supporting arts and culture with workshops and readings and music, which makes me like it even more. Thanks for the insider tip!