Saturday, January 29, 2011

insp-i-love weekly

Hello there,

Here are some things I'm enjoying this week:

images via Chiara's website
 1.  A wonderful installation called Light Butterflies by Chiara Lampugnani Design at Milan's LED Light Festival.  The name Chiara means clear in English and the word lamp is in her last name.  It is no wonder she makes such beautiful light installations =)

* * *

2.  Reinterpretation of album covers by Thirty Three and a Third - art show.

* * *

via Alexa's website
 3.  Alexa Meade is an amazing trompe l'oeil artist.  But instead of making the 2D look 3D, she makes the 3D look 2D ... ok wait...  What I'm trying to say is that she paints right on her living 3D subjects and when she's done ... voila!  A painting.  A living painting.  So that picture you see above is of the artist painting directly onto her subject.  You have to check out her site to understand it fully.  Go!  Go now and click around her portfolio.  You'll be amazed.

* * * 

Stop the water while using me! from BLDG//WLF on Vimeo.

* * *

 5.  This Chinese garden I found in the middle of the city.  I was walking along one of my favourite streets in Frankfurt, the Berger Strasse.  I could imagine myself living there, or on any other connecting street.  It's really nice and right at the end, this garden!  I'm beginning to like Frankfurt more and more...

Have a great weekend's end,



  1. I am gone try to be more faithfull to the idea of stopping the water when i really do not need it. Thanks to remaind me Holly.

    Who knows if Chiara knows about her mame. It is an interesting name,like it.

    Lately, Holly it seems that you are visiting all cultures,they even come to you. Lucky you.

    Mommy love you xoxoxoxo

  2. OMG... Alexa Meade is FABULOUS.. mind if I borrow her for my blog??

  3. Not at all!! Go ahead. Sharing is what it's all about =)