Sunday, January 9, 2011

insp-i-love weekly


Here are some more things I found this week and would like to share since they make me happy.

1.  Living small. Designing small living spaces takes creativity.  When done right, you end up with something like this, which I'd be more than happy to call home:

designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

2.  I'd also take a prefab house by kitHAUS:

3.  I would love a staircase like this one day:

Courtney & Trevor's CHI House Tour via Apartment Therapy

4. These ghost-shaped urns for ashes by Anna Marinenko left me feeling a bit strange.  I'm not sure if I like the idea or not.  I think, in a dark way, they are quite humorous.

via Design Milk

5.  Tracy Schumate is a Canadian Photographer.  I enjoyed the time I spent on her website. You might too.

6.  Miss Moss is my new blog crush this week.  She is a graphic designer from South Africa.  She posts such beautiful things.  I especially liked the colour comparisons she made using fashion, art, flowers, vintage designs, movies and even textile and wallpaper designs.

via Miss Moss

I wish you all a happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Via Miss Moss, very original. Searching a symmetry in the colors,shapes and creating new images. Nice to look at,Holly. love u mommy xoxo.