Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Dancers among us" by Jordan Matter Photography (insp-i-love weekly special edition)

I've been so inspired and so into what I'm about to share, that it deserves to be the only feature for this week.   

*(all photos by Jordan Matter Photography)*

 The topic of dance has been constantly reappearing in my day-to-day.  People seem to be talking to me about it, I see it on TV and read about it on the internet, more than usual.  I even went to a sneak preview this week and the movie they played was "Black Swan" - that new, dark, dance movie (superb, btw).  And just today I watched a dance movie on the plane.  These events have led me to already be in contact with two dance schools to check if they have any classes I would like.  So, yes ... Dance has been on my mind, and the little flame in my heart that permanently exists, has been growing stronger and brighter.

This week, I found Jordan Matter.  His website has been constantly open in my browser and I can't get enough of his photographs.  Yes, Jordan Matter is a great photographer, but the reason I'm so obsessed is because of his "Dancers among us" project.  It's an ongoing collaboration since spring 2009.  He photographs dancers in an everyday, city setting.  Just amazing, especially for a dance enthusiast.  Here are a few of my favourites, though it was hard to choose because they are all my favourites.

Now these are super favourites because they were taken in Montreal ...

You have to check out the rest of his gallery.

I just love these photos, I love this project.  Jordan Matter, if you're out there, somewhere, reading this - Thank You!

Happy Sunday,


  1. Wow honey it reminds me when you were in jazz school. I still have that picture of you in black with a light veil from waist down it's so beautiful. Dance is very important in our family even though we never went to school for it, i think i started to dance before i could even walk. So, i hope you continue because i know that you really got it and that you will make out the best of it.
    Love you always.....Kisses and hughs
    Tante Jo-anne

  2. Yes tante Jo-anne is right, especially for my sister and i we were always dancing with my father in any occasions that we had. Valse, tango, tarantella and more .It was so much fun.
    Just to let you know Holly, that my favorite ballet is Swan Lake. Love u mommy xoxoxo

  3. I Love it! There are soooooo many amazing shots on his website!!

  4. Great photos. Thanks for sharing them. I love how the setting and the people around them are so nonchalant. it makes the dancer stand out even more.

  5. Your godmother too loves to dance. remember those afternoons in the basement when we would rock and roll?