Monday, October 4, 2010

Holly in Frankfurt...

So guys ... obviously I didn't think very far into the future when I named my blog. As most of you know, Pauli and I have moved to Frankfurt. Actually, technically, we live in Kelsterbach, but Frankfurt is a hop away and it's a big city that most people can place in their minds. Easier to visualize.

I haven't posted anything here about our plans because we wanted to make sure all our family and friends knew what was going on before they read about it on a blog. So what's happened recently? Pauli got into pilot school! We moved to Frankfurt because that's where he is studying. And...we're getting married!...on November 1st! Yay! Many exciting things happening. Life feels good =)

Moving is crazy though. It's so stressful. But Pauli and I survived without any significant arguments. Being ripped from your home, thrown into a new one where everything is strange, where you don't know anyone or anything except for the name of the street where you live ... which I can barely pronounce! It's not an ideal circumstance for getting along. Especially since everything is a disaster and totally disorganized. I get a bit crazy in situations like that. But Pauli knows me better than I know myself and he knows how to handle it. Thank goodness =) On October 28, the movers arrived at 7am. We left Berlin (so sad) around noon and arrived in Frankfurt at 5. The movers arrived shortly after. Meanwhile we were cleaning machines! We scrubbed the heck out of the linoleum floors to try and get rid of the "grandma's house stink" (as I like to call it). I don't know if you know what I mean ... it's like a perfume-y, old lady smell. Not bad but not great either. Anyways, its almost gone now. The smells are what get to me most. The first two days were very disorienting here. All the boxes and disassembled furniture, and this unfamiliar smell. Not my own scent. It kept reminding me that this was not my home. Slowly I feel it coming back though, creeping out of our furniture. One more wash of the floor and we should be good to go.

The apartment itself is really good. Some small quirks but we will get used to it fast and they will cease to be an issue. For example, getting the water temperature right while having a shower is proving to be very tricky, but the water pressure is excellent. Getting things mounted onto the walls is also an interesting adventure that's hard on the nerves. What on earth are the walls made of here!? Nothing gets through them! Getting the heating right is also tricky. The sun blares in here through these massive windows in the afternoons and it can get quite hot. But the view from these big windows on the fifth floor is amazing. I actually stare out the window onto the street while making coffee or eating my yogurt in the morning. It's like looking at a miniature automated toy town. I see people walking by, biking by, meeting on the street, trains coming and going, planes arriving and taking off. Even though it may sound like lots is going on, there is a very charming small town feel to Kelsterbach. Yet, I think I wouldn't enjoy it as much if Frankfurt center wasn't 2 stops away. Knowing there's a city so close by that I can see the high rises in the distance makes me feel comfortable and makes me appreciate the smallness of this town.

So guys, everything here is moving along at a good pace. I'll post some pictures soon.

I don't know what I'm going to do about my blog name ... hmmmm...

So what's going on with you?


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  1. It seems that you are in a plane and you are going around the world. Enjoy the ride. Amazing.Love you, Mommy xoxoxo