Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Virgin Atlantic ... is bringing sexy back.

Pauli's gonna be a pilot! My interest in planes and airlines is steadily increasing. Remember during aviation's "glamour days", pilots and flight attendants were hot and delicious? Lately that stereotype has faded.  But I came across this ad and had to share. To me, this is Virgin Atlantic bringing sexy back. Good for them. I like it.

I can't wait to see Pauli in his uniform ... yum!!


p.s. What do you think of my new blog look? I changed the title too - very unoriginal but it works... Unfortunately, I can't change the address without changing the location of my blog. I'll look into it some more. I'll just keep the old one for now I guess.


  1. Well Holly ,stepping up a litlle more .Hold on,life is full of surprises. Mommy x0x0x

  2. i think the look of your blog is reflective of your new town! i like it <3