Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Volkspark am Weinberg

I'm interested in 4 things lately. The first is getting my bike geared up for summer. I need fenders, a bike rack and a basket or saddle bags ... haven't decided yet. Next, I'd like to take some more German lessons, some Tango lessons and Sewing lessons. So these days I've been doing lots of research on these topics. I'm in the process of booking my German lessons for August since that is when I have time off from work... Oh my god! August! Oh my god! I'm turning 29! Ok, breathe ... relax ... !!@@$&**??@!!!

Sorry about that. As I was saying ... I'm booking my German lessons. I found a Tango school I'm serious about checking out. I plan to go to Mauer Park this Sunday to see if I can get any cheap, second hand and preferably "retro" looking accessories for my bike. I also found a Fabric/Sewing store that also gives sewing lessons. I went to check it out this past weekend. It's super, super cute! But, of course, they had no room so I had to accept being put on a waiting list. I know I could always look somewhere else, but this place is just too darn cute! I want to go there. I will wait.

But really what I want to tell you about today is the perfect park I found just across from Frau Tulpe (that's the sewing store's name), and conveniently just two stops away from home by street tram. It's called "Volkspark am Weinberg", which translates to the People’s Park At The Vineyard. Apparently, it's called that because of the former vineyards that used to be there. The park, situated on slopes (which are pretty rare in Berlin) includes a large lawn, used by local residents (mostly hipsters), especially in the summer. The day I was there, people were seriously lounging around. It was so picture perfect, I suspected these people were professional loungers! Children were flying their kites, groups of friends and families were picnicking, lovers were cuddling, people were reading, sleeping, drinking, playing leisure badminton and blah, blah, blah ... the list goes on! Below the lawn is an artificial pond filled with lilly pads. Above the grassy lawn is a nice looking Swiss restaurant with an amazing terrace, a playground and a sports complex with Ping Pong tables and a small soccer field. And the best part: A rose garden! Tons and tons of roses! Beautiful. Of course, a small but super sweet outdoor cafe is nestled in the corner by the rose garden and it's called "Rosen Garten". I think Pauli and I will be spending a lot of time there this summer!

Here are some pics:

Goodnight all!

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  1. When I come soon, we all go to the People's Park. It seems that it is a paradis.Have fun in all of your projects. Can wait to see and feel where you leave. Mommy