Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back in Berlin

I got back on Monday. I'm still fighting the Jet Lag. I want to sleep at 8pm and the urge is so strong that I cave and then I can't get back to sleep until 3:30 or 4... And at that time, it's practically day out! Crazy. The days are so long - sunrise around 4 and sunset around 10. It's only pitch black by like 11:30-12:00. I guess it's good since it makes up for Germany's super short winter days ... it's practically dark all the time. I didn't realize how North we are here.

My trip was fantastic. Stressful, jammed packed, emotional. I know that doesn't exactly sound fantastic, but it was for me. I got to see all my friends and spend time with my family. It was all worth it. It was funny but when I met up with my family and friends (that I haven't seen since my departure nine months ago) I didn't feel at all like it had been that long. But I came back to Berlin with a stronger presence of these special people in my heart. It was like recharging the battery. That's good.

Another interesting thing... I was excited to be back in Berlin. I kind of missed it. And when I got back, I felt at ease. That's also good.

Today, the weather in Berlin was amazing. Not a cloud in the sky, hot shining sun and 24 degrees. Perfect. (knock on wood).



  1. Holly ,I am happy that you are confortable back home ,at your new life in Berlin. You have now two homes,how lucky....Love ,Mommy.

  2. Hey holly, it's abigail, haha Benedicts daughter.
    Great blog! very colorful and love your pics, hope to see it myself ;). speaking of which, i was hoping and wondering if it would be possible ( and so fucking superb) if my boyfriend (ralph) and i could maybe stay with you for a couple of days in berlin. It would be so generous of you and of course feel no obligation. We set off to france on Friday so take your time to answer. Anyways you will be hearing from me again:P, lol.
    Will maybe be seeing you soon.
    thank you and speak to you soon