Sunday, September 20, 2009

The new 'hood

I live on the top floor of an apartment building on Handjerystrasse. We now belong to the little area of Friedenau. It's very close to the city but it is surprisingly quiet and green and really cute. The sound of church bells are consistent throughout the day and night but at random intervals it seems. I've tried to time them but I can't find a pattern. Out of my bedroom window I can see the little Austrian wine and specialty food shop across the street where one can also sit at long tables covered by white and red checkered table cloths outside and enjoy its Austrian delicacies. Ludwig, the owner, is a very interesting character but he is very charming. Below you will see pictures of the local supermarkets (all closed because it's Sunday), nearby restaurants we've tried and some scenery from my walk around the neighbourhood. My favorite restaurant so far is Dos. It is a very chill Spanish tapas place and there is always people there. The ambiance is fun as the ground is totally covered in sand in and out and slow R&B tunes float through the air. The food is also excellent and the mojitos are even better! You'll also see I passed by the closest U-bahn and S-bahn stations. I stopped for ice cream, chocolate of course, and continued walking around very cautiously trying to avoid all the chestnuts that fall from the trees. It's crazy! There are tons all over the place. There are also so many cyclists around and you have to be careful of them more than you do of cars. I'm excited to take out my 90's Peugeot soon and bike around town. I will check out the route to my German lessons by bike and see if it will be feasible once I start. So that was my lazy Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow we are going to Munich for the Oktoberfest, so late next week I'll post something about that.

Miss you all xoxoxoxo

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