Monday, August 31, 2009

I live in Berlin???

I'm in Berlin. Everything seems quite surreal at the moment but I'm sure that feeling will eventually pass. Our trip over the Atlantic was flawless and we even arrived in Berlin early. We flew with Swiss. The seats were new and surprisingly comfortable for economy class. I immediately ordered a small bottle of wine and later we had chicken and rice for dinner. I watched "17 again" and listened to the "rest and relax" music channel in attempt to calm my nerves. In the morning we were served hot croissants and coffee. I kept repeating "I'm going to LIVE in Berlin" over and over in my head as if I had not realized exactly what I was doing! It still has not hit me really.

Well, I'm super happy to be here. I love Berlin and am very excited to go into the city and explore soon.

I miss you all very much


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